Mosquito Stop

Mosquito Stop is a liquid concentrate plant based formulation under the 25 (b) EPA exemption. This product has been on the market and sold throughout the United States since 2008 Sold in 55 gallon drums

mosquito symbol

Mosquito Stop is a liquid concentrated product which utilizes natural and renewable sustainably sourced ingredients.

When used as specified:

  • Will repel most species of mosquitos and biting insects
  • Is particularly effective against Aedes Egyptii, a species known to carry Dengue Fever
  • Will facilitate building a barrier around your golf course, sports complex, house and yard to repel mosquitos
  • Will ensure a mosquito zone if no breeding areas are available nearby
  • Improves the plants’ natural defenses against pests Mosquito Stop is a water partially soluble, non-ionic liquid that effectively rests on the grass, plant and surfaces around the target area giving long lasting effectiveness. Mosquito Stop uses low-toxicity ingredient technology with low persistence and residence time. Mosquito Stop has low environmental impact during use and is biodegradable. Mosquito Stop is an USEPA, FIFRA, 25b exempt product.