Abire EC

Concentrated Liquid 25 (b) EPA- FIFRA Exempt product. Formulated for growhouse, and open field applications. Safe effective and powerful pest control for cannabis and other crops.

bee with flower

Effective pest control guaranteed compliant. Concentrated liquid formulation. Insects will avoid soil and plants sprayed with Abire EC

Abire EC will kill and repel pests such as whiteflies, thrips, aphids, root aphids, mealy bug, scale, gnats, midges, fungus gnats, brown russets mites, spider mites, grubs, beetles, lanternflies, stink bugs and many more.

Abire EC kills insects through three different mechanisms.

  • disrupts insects’ nervous system 2. Smothers insects
  • Disrupts the insect’s life cycle. Pest control for all crops; formulated for cannabis and hemp.
  • Exempt from federal registration under FIFRA 25 b regulation.
  • Cutting edge pesticide concentrate for hemp and medical cannabis · Guaranteed to pass any state test for pesticide and solvent residue · Natural base botanical oil blend
  • Powerful and effective concentrate
  • One pint will cover 1.5 acres
  • Applied with spray equipment or cold fogging systems, backpack sprayers/misters, pivot irrigation, fertigation systems- most any type of spray equipment.
  • Used in open fields and greenhouses applications.

Abire EC is the latest and most powerful in a series of test formulations by the staff of Earth’s Fertilizers, our 25 years of formulation and practice of plant based products has put us in the forefront of hemp and cannabis pest control.

ABIRE EC is sold to wholesale distribution in 55-gallon drums and pest control concentrate for medical cannabis crops. Apply 1/2 oz. concentrate in one-gallon water to control aphids, spider mites. fungus gnats, root aphids, whitefly, russet mites, thrips, and other pests common to medical cannabis

Apply with any standard spray equipment, pivots. misting systems and non-thermal foggers.

  • 3-gallon sprayer: 1.5 oz concentrate.
  • 25-gal tank: 12.5 oz.
  • 100-gal tank: 50 oz. This product is a good candidate for bottling in twin neck 'dispense and pour' bottles. This material is exempt from federal registration and meets the standards of the USEPA's FIFRA 25(b) regulations.

There are no hazmat concerns with this product, and it ships unrestricted. Medical cannabis farmers in the western United States have used Abire EC in testing with positive results. Apply Abire EC before planting for the best result early mornings or late afternoon.