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Earth's Fertilizers is specialty toll manufacturer of non-toxic pest controls, soil building microbial fertilizers and landscaping products 25 (b) EPA exempt.  Formulating cedarwood oil pest and mosquito controls along with other nontoxic general pest control. Liquid concentrated chitosan spray formulations for landscapers, fruit growers, farms, landscapers, soil building microbial fertilizers, since 2008

Add your label or use ours-Earth's Fertilizers are privately labeled and sold throughout the United States under various names.

Formulations are proprietary, proven, concentrated and effective. We also blend for organic/sustainable farms and distribution.

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Earth’s Fertilizers blends specialty plant-based pest controls, bio fertilizers and soil builders, fungicide and much more under our customers’ labels. We are a white label blender of nontoxic – 25 b exempt agriculture products on the market since 2008, sold under private labels across the United States. We also specialty formulate for our customers.

What is now Earth’s Fertilizers began fifteen years ago, blending certified organic and non toxic inputs for a small group of certified organic farms – replacing synthetic inputs, growing with natural materials, improving the environment as well as farm yields.

Our initial products (soil amendments and essential oil pest control) soon developed a much wider customer base: growers who farmed conventionally, as well as the certified organic farms for whom we originally formulated our products. Landscapers, lawn and turf care specialists, and commercial pest control all found applications for our essential oil pest control and soil amendments in their service businesses – new markets with new issues for us to address

Along the way, we started blending similar products for others as well - contract toll blending natural products for agriculture; for turf and landscape; products for indoor growing; solutions for dozens of diseases and pathogens of all plant types – liquid products; sustainably sourced, pollinator friendly -  safe and effective.

Soon, our products were sold coast-to-coast, under several labels – and still are today. Solutions for pests and disease, for limiting soil conditions – always replacing synthetic inputs in growing with sustainable natural materials, keeping the organic methods of our founding in our watchwords.

Flash forward to the present – starting with one initial essential oil pest repellent, Earth’s Fertilizers now has a catalog of proven effective products for pest control. Emulsifiable concentrates (EC), through concentrates for ag, lawn, and landscape; mosquito solutions for different applications: solutions for acreage, for commercial mosquito misting systems, and natural personal biting insect repellents – all nationwide (and Florida tested – personally). And we still help farmers nationwide with solutions for the disease issues, fungus and blight, nematodes and the soil imbalances we first addressed many years ago!!

We continue to blend for nationally distributed private label brands In 2015, we developed our first generation pesticides for hemp and cannabis. By 2023, Abire EC emulsifiable concentrate is among the cutting-edge mosquito based, agricultural blends and garden pesticides also indoor cannabis grows, and their signature pests.

We’ve been finding these solutions for 15 years now – how we can help you solve your growing issues?

Our Products


Exempt Formulation Biological Fertilizers - Chitosan Sprays - Plant Based Pest Control Sprays

Turf Care & Maintenance

Superior fertilizer formulas for golf course and turf professionals

Home, Garden & Personal

Professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener, and long-lasting mosquito sprays