Essential Spray

Essential Spray is a plant based 25 (b) EPA FIFRA exempt formulation. As with all Earth's Fertilizers pest controls it is a no-re-entry time product. Created for professional applicators and can be used in home backyards. Safe for the environment, and pests. Sold to farms and distributors wholesale in 55 gallon drums.

woman commercial spray in greenhouse

Tech Data Information Essential Spray is a concentrated liquid plant derived product which blends natural source bio-fibers and essential oils. Essential Spray will facilitate, when used as specified:

  • Promotes a pest free zone
  • Controls insects and acts as a natural deterrent
  • Low-toxicity proprietary ingredient technology with exceptionally low persistence
  • Insects outside the spray zone will not cross the Essential Terrain barrier
  • An oil soluble, non-ionic liquid that will effectively drive off and prevent insect infestation
  • Flying insects, crawlers, aphids, roaches, fleas, ticks, flies. mites, hoppers, ants, pests, grubs, digging and much more insects are repelled by Essential Spray
  • Essential Spray is not harmful to people, pets or crops
  • No minimum on re-entry time
  • Essential Spray has low environmental impact during or after use and is biodegradable.
  • Essential Spray is a 25 b EPA/FIFA exempt product.

Proprietary Formulation and blended in Tampa Bay Florida