Our Natural Solutions

Earth's Fertilizers - Specialty Blender Agriculture/Landscaping products 25 b EPA exempt pest and mosquito control and general pest control. Chitosan formulations for landscapers, fruit growers, farms, landscapers, soil building. We will custom blend for your company under your formulations - safe, alternative nontoxic soil amendments, fertilizers and plant based pest controls


Exempt Formulation Biological Fertilizers - Chitosan Sprays - Plant Based Pest Control Sprays

Turf Care & Maintenance

Superior fertilizer formulas for golf course and turf professionals

Home, Garden & Personal

Professional grade fertilizer for the home gardener, and long-lasting mosquito sprays

Earth's Fetilizers

Based in Tampa Bay Florida we are a team of horticulturists, formulators, chemical engineers and farmers with many years in farming and manufacturing agriculture/landscape earth friendly products. We have decades of manufacturing products for building living soils, and safe alternatives to toxic pest controls. Our distributors have private labeled our products since 2008 with great results. Call or email us for more information- info@growforchange.org 352-597-3282