Bio Life

Earth's Fertilizers are wholesale specialty blenders for agriculture/landscaping sold to farms and distributors throughout the USA. Products are 25 b EPA exempt pest controls, mosquito control and general pest control. We also offer chitosan concentrated liquid spray formulations for landscapers, fruit growers, farms, and soil building including non-GMO fertilizers.

tractor spraying field

Non-GMO-all ingredients are nontoxic and sustainably sourced soil builders. Brings back microbial life in depleted soils -

  • Reversal of soil degradation and depletion
  • Improve the soil balance
  • Building of natural and sustainable plant nutrition
  • Induce improved resistance to disease and pests
  • Low-toxicity ingredient technology with low persistence and residence time
  • Improves the plants access to nutrients
  • Improves yield by helping to balance the soil and replacing the microbiological flora
  • A 100% water soluble, cationic liquid that will effectively help bioavailability of the nutrients

Bio Life has low environmental impact during use and is biodegradable.

Formulated and Blended Tampa Bay Florida USA